Jokes Ek din pareshan Gajodhar bhaiya

Ek din pareshan Gajodhar bhaiya gaye Doctor ke pass. Doctor ne poocha : Apko Kya problem hai ?

Gajodhar bhaiya: Patlay Motion.

Doctor: Kitne Patlay ?

Gajodhar bhaiya : Bahot Patley.

Doctor: Phir bhi Kitne Patley?

Gajodhar bhaiya dimag par jor daltey hue : Itne ki aap us se Kulli kar sakte ho.

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what 7 times 6 is

Teacher: "Who can tell me what 7 times 6 is?"
Student: "It's 42!"
Teacher: "Very good! - And who can tell me what 6 times 7 is?"
Same student: "It's 24!"

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Three flies in the pints

An Englishman, A Scotsman and an Irishman enter a pub and each orders a pint. Three flies separately land into each of the pints siting in front of the three men. The Englishman is disgusted and pushes the beer aside. The Scotsman picks the fly out of his beer and proceeds to down the pint. The Irishman grabs the fly and begins to squeeze it, yelling, "Spit out! Spit it out!"

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The friends of the bride decided

The friends of the bride decided to give the newlyweds a tape recording of the couple making love on their honeymoon night as a gag wedding gift. They accomplished this by hiding a tape recording under the newlywed's bed that evening.

Before they gave the recorded tape to her, they played the tape and heard her moaning to her new husband, "That's happiness! That's happiness!" But her voice sounded funny and they discovered that they were playing the tape at the wrong speed.

When they slowed the tape down to the correct pitch, they were surprised to hear her shouting at him, "That's a pen??! That's a pen??!"

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